May19 , 2022

    How to Fix Audio Renderer Error Youtube?



    Many people experience an audio renderer error Youtube in Windows 10 when they open a video. It may appear because of a problem with your audio devices.

    Audio Renderer Error Youtube

    The message asks the user to restart their device to get rid of the error. However, it may come again and disrupt your experience. But, there are a few solutions to this audio renderer error as following:

    Shut Down and Start Your Computer Again

    You can turn off your computer and start it again to solve the YouTube audio renderer error. Even though it is a temporary solution to the problem, you can try this method to remove the error. If the message does not appear again, you do not have to look for any other fixes. However, if it pops up again after restarting the computer, you can try the following solutions.

    Unplug the Audio Playback Devices

    The audio renderer error often appears when you have more than one audio device connected to your computer. You can replug the audio playback device and see if it solves the problem. If unplugging the device and plugging it again does not remove the error, you can try the other methods.

    Open the Audio Troubleshooter

    Another way to solve the Youtube audio renderer error is with the troubleshooter. You can run the audio troubleshooter on your computer and see if it fixes the problem. The computer Windows comes with an in-build troubleshooter that resolves issues related to the audio devices. Hence, you can follow the following steps and see if it works to solve the problem.

    Audio Troubleshot

    Step 1 Open the Start menu on windows and go to Settings.

    Step 2 Click the Settings and choose Update & Security from the options.

    Step 3 Find the troubleshooter in this window and select the Playing Audio option.

    Step 4 Then, click on the Run the Troubleshooter option to resolve the audio issues.

    Step 5 Follow the instructions given on the screen to find and resolve the audio renderer error.

    Start the Audio Device Again

    If these methods do not work out for you, try restarting the audio device. You can follow these steps to resolve the issue with the audio device. 

    Step 1 Open the Run Box by pressing the Windows log key and R keys from the keyboard. 

    Step 2 Enter evmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager via the Run box. 

    Step 3 Look for the Sound, video, and game controllers in the Device Manager and expand them. Then, right click all audio adapters and select the option of Disable device. 

    Step 4 Right click every audio adapter again and choose the option of Enable device after a few seconds. 

    Uninstall Audio Device

    The faulty audio driver can also cause some issues and lead to an audio renderer error. If this is the case, you can uninstall your audio driver to resolve this problem. As a result, Windows will install the audio driver again and it may help remove the error from your computer. 

    Hence, you can restart audio driver to solve the audio renderer error on your device. The following steps will help you easily uninstall the audio driver. 

    Step 1 Press the Windows log key and R keys from your keyboard to open the Run box. 

    Step 2 Enter devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box and the Device Manager will open on the screen. 

    Step 3 Expand the Sound, video, and game controllers option in the Device Manager. 

    Step 4 Open the audio adapter and a pop-up window will open on the screen. 

    Step 5 Select the Driver tab to uninstall the audio device.

    Step 6 Finally, restart the system, after which the Windows will automatically reinstall the audio driver. 

    These fixes can help solve this audio renderer error in your computer.


    What is Audio Renderer Error?

    An audio renderer error can often occur due to an outdated driver or a faulty device. Sometimes, this error appears after you click on a Youtube video and a message appears on the screen. Also, this message recommends restarting your computer to resolve the audio issue on your device. 

    How to get rid of the audio renderer error? 

    Several fixes can help you get rid of the audio renderer error. Even though restarting your device can help resolve the problem temporarily, it is not a permanent fix. Some of the methods include uninstalling the audio driver and unplugging the audio devices. Also, few other ways can help remove the audio renderer error as well.