May19 , 2022

    Online On Demand Grocery Delivery App



    Launch the On-Demand Grocery App like Instacart and reach Millions of more App Users in the Online Grocery Services Industry! One gets a stack of Useful Services such as Delivery of Food, Wine, Stationery, Flowers, and even Bottled Water. 

    Here, let’s discover how building your Grocery Business using this Ultra-Modern App can make you Famous Worldwide – 

    Online On Demand Grocery Delivery App

    • Free Delivery And Discounts:

    The App Users can enjoy the Discounts as well as avail Free Delivery of Groceries if they stand eligible under –

    • Free Delivery Promo-Codes for Specific Stores
    • Location-Wise Promo Codes
    • Name Search:

    One can easily search different Fruits and Veggies by Typing-In its Name in the Query Box. This would help Save Time and Energy, thereby adding to one’ Convenience. Moreover, the App User can also know the Grocery Marts which have that specific Fruit or Vegetable which is searched for. 

    • Voice Instructions For Delivery Driver:

    Using this Feature, the User of the White-Label Grocery App can send Audio Messages to the Delivery Driver to give Location-Related or other Information. For instance, the App User can intimate the Delivery Driver to Park the Vehicle in the Designated Parking Area only. This Aspect of the Innovative App facilitates Hassle-Free and Smooth Delivery of the Groceries. 

    • Graphical In-app Notifications

    The App User receives Graphical Status of the Delivery in Progress via In-App Push Notifications. One can know if the Grocery Order has been Placed, Confirmed, Readied, Picked-Up, On-The-Way, or has been delivered at Home. 

    Instacart App Clone Lets You Provide The Service Of Medicines Delivery

    • Contactless Delivery

    The Contactless Delivery Feature is introduced in this Purposeful App to stay safe from the Covid-19 Scenario. When the App User opts for the Contactless Delivery, the Delivery Driver leaves the Package outside the Door, after Ringing the Door-Bell or Knocking on it. This Option is only possible when one chooses to make Payment Online.

    • Upload Prescription

    This App requires a Medical Prescription to be uploaded, in order for the Pharmacies to dispatch the Order. One can Upload a Valid Doctor’ Prescription at the Checkout Page. The App User may also skip this Step, contact the Pharmacy, and provide them the Prescription via any other Mode of Communication.

    • Different Payment Options

    One gets Multiple Payment Options to choose from, when placing Medicines Order Online. One can pay via Credit Card and In-Wallet App, if the App User wishes to make an Online Payment. On the other hand, one can also make a Cash Payment at the time of Final Delivery of Medicines at one’ Place.

    • Track The Delivery Driver

    After the Medicines Order has been placed, the User can now Track the Order over the Map. This Aspect would help the App User know exactly how far the Medicines Order is. One can also view a Flowchart Format of the Order that has different Stages of the Order starting from the ‘Order Placed’ to the ‘Order Delivered.’ 


    The Instacart Clone App is the Perfect App that allows you to serve Multiple Value-Added Delivery Services to the App Users within a Single Shade. Such an Ingenious App lets you generate Heavy Profits, given its Latest and Advanced Features. Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in you? Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Get in touch with one of the Legit Licensed White-Labeling Firms of Global Repute and be the Leader of the Online On-Demand Grocery Services Industry!